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A new web hosting concept

As oposed to traditional services, CodePunker Hosting focuses on the website instead of servers.

In other words, we don't rent servers and storage, we provide an integrated service that ensures uptime, performance and security.

Being a team of web developers and web server engineers, we've learned that website owners don't care how many cores a server CPU has or how many theoretic hits it can take.

Customers want their websites to be blazing fast, secure and, most importantly, online!

Being acquainted with every aspect of the web industry, we know exactly which server infrastructue best fits a website's needs.

We take on everything from purchasing the best server(s), setting them up, installing the app and continously keeping everything updated, secured and optimized.

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Achieving excellence in connecting our customers with enterprise level hosting

Codepunker Hosting will take care of all your server needs - Email, Websites, Documents, Continuous Delivery, High Availability, Version Control and Security Updates. We'll take care of all this so you can focus on growing your business. All this for a monthly flat rate.

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