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Codepunker - About Us

CodePunker Hosting is owned by Gheorghe F. Daniel PFA registered in Romania under license no. RO 33529106.

The CodePunker Hosting service is reserved for websites for which we know the code, thus ensuring that every solution we provide is tailored to work BEST for that particular website.
If you are interested in our services, please register by clicking the link in the top menu and post a ticket so that we can do a preliminary analysis of your hosting needs.

US Office

Address: 170 S. Green Valley Parkway Suite 300 Henderson, NV 89044

Phone no: +1 (216) 647-0271

Cell: +40 (721) 772-770

Email: info [at] codepunker.com

Romania Office

Address: Nifon Street 14, Targoviste, Romania 130137

Phone no: +1 (216) 647-0271

Cell: +40 (721) 772-770

Email: info [at] codepunker.com

Daniel Gheorghe
Owner @ CodePunker.com
CTO @ Web3Box Software LLC

Web3Box Software LLC

Achieving excellence in connecting our customers with enterprise level hosting

Codepunker Hosting will take care of all your server needs - Email, Websites, Documents, Continuous Delivery, High Availability, Version Control and Security Updates. We'll take care of all this so you can focus on growing your business. All this for a monthly flat rate.

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